Block Lemon services are new services in the field of financial markets, especially forex market, these services are such that anyone can use them.  In other words, our service is suitable for people with little knowledge in this field, and it works for professionals in this field, such as traders. On the other hand, everyone everywhere in the world will be able to use these services to earn money. Besides providing its services to the dear users in different stages of using these services, Block Lemon Group also advises them in different fields of work. The description of each product is given below.


Copy trading is one of the newest service in the field of investing in the forex market, In other words Copy trading is a form of investment that involves copying the trades of other traders. In copy trading, the only research you need to do …



Trading Robots/Bots in the forex market are also suitable tools for investors, although it should be noted that there are many different types of robots, and a robot that has a clear work history and a development team that supports and …



Forex is a vast and unique market that requires keenness, patience, and consistency. To win in forex trading, you have to use the best strategies and invest in the right tools. Forex Trading Tools enable forex traders to reliably analyze …