We are a group in the field of modern trade activities, our activities are in different trading sectors.

These services include:

  • Automated Trading Robots
  • Copy/Social Trading
  • Trading Tools

Due to the changes in financial market analysis, Trading Robots also need to change their trading strategies, which means that an ideal automatic trading robot needs a support team for these changes and so-called updates. Our group has formed a team of programming experts and financial market analysts to update the robots, which are constantly updated by the support team, Our Auto Trading Robots are active in the forex market, their specifications are mentioned in the service section in our website.

Also, the Copy Trade platform is suitable for investors who want to use the profits of the forex market but do not have trading expertise. It provides that by paying the subscription fee to the traders, they connect their user account to the account of these traders and their transactions are copied for them, and in this way they can have a fence in the forex market and benefit from the profit of this market. Also, our experts provide the services of setting up and setting up this service for respected investors.

Another service offered in our collection is trading tools that are suitable for traders. One of these tools is the trader’s assistant, which practically turns the trader into a trading team and can remove the stress caused by trading from the trader.

We have tried to provide a variety of services for all types of users, for example, for those who do not have trading expertise copy/social trading and Automatic Trading Robots are provided, and for those who are traders trading tools.

Also, the website of the local collection has been tried to provide useful content for its affairs and obtain up-to-date information for respectable users.

We are very pleased to provide better services to our dear users.